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Research at Icam, site de Strasbourg-Europe helps to develop and update teaching methods. The introduction to applied and fundamental research gives access to a broader vision of R&D. When applied to practical business issues, research enables students to be at the cutting edge of technological developments.

Scientific research

An introduction that begins in the engineering course

At Icam, site de Strasbourg-Europe, all students are introduced to research through teaching, the research discovery module, technical projects, R&D projects (PRD) and internships. They are given access to the school’s laboratories and are trained by our in-house team of teacher-researchers. They can also do research internships or a Master 2 degree in Research before moving on to a PhD.



Advantages for your career

PhD students work on challenging and demanding problems for three years. They develop their skills, and learn to make the most of their abilities in the research strategy. They push back the boundaries of knowledge and intellectual curiosity in a framework of academic excellence.


A PhD is a real asset when applying for international jobs. This 8-year post-bac diploma is particularly popular in many fields. The work related to the thesis enhances their international recognition, and the mobility possibilities of PhD students is enhanced.

Before embarking on a thesis, students must prove their research experience. This can be achieved through a Master 2 degree in Research, or through a research internship in the final year. A PhD lasts 3 years, and is divided into the following main stages:

  • Bibliography and state of the art
  • Production of scientific and research results
  • Writing the thesis and defending it before a jury


During these years, students must communicate their results through international level congresses and conferences.

Icam, site de Strasbourg-Europe is authorised to receive PhD students.

PhD students receive a salary from the laboratory or company in the framework of an Industrial Agreements for Training through Research (CIFRE) thesis.

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Thesis opportunities

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Following my internship with the ICube laboratory, I naturally joined Icam, site de Strasbourg-Europe to write my thesis on the design of an instrumented wrist prosthesis. It concerns the clinical problem of loosening/movement of wrist prostheses, as they tend to start moving a few years after being implanted. In order to obtain evidence that will confirm or refute certain hypotheses, I must work on the development of experimental tools.

Samuel Berthe – PhD student