Legal information


1. Legal information


In accordance with article 6 of French Law n°2004-575 dated 21st June 2004 for Confidence in the Digital Economy (La Confiance dans l’Économie Numérique – LCEN), it is hereby specified that the website you are currently consulting is the property of Icam, site de Strasbourg-Europe.

Head office:
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Director of publication for the website: Sonia Wanner
Operations Manager: Dilma TASSI

This website has been created by:
Izhak – 32 allée de la Robertsau, 67000 Strasbourg, France

This website is hosted by:
OVH – 2 rue Kellermann – 59100 Roubaix – France
Copyright: Icam, site de Strasbourg-Europe
This website is registered with the French National Commission for Information Technology and Civil Liberties (CNIL): 1402027

Intellectual property rights
This website constitutes a work of which Izhak is the author within the meaning of articles L111.1 et seq of the French Intellectual Property Code.

This website was designed and developed by Izhak.

The photographs, texts, slogans, drawings, images, animated sequences with or without sound, as well as all the works integrated into the website are the property of Icam, site de Strasbourg-Europe or of third parties who have authorised Icam, site de Strasbourg-Europe to use them.

Icam, site de Strasbourg-Europe informs the users of this website that many of its elements are:

– protected by copyright law: this may be the case for photographs, articles, drawings, animated sequences, etc;

– and/or protected by the legislation on drawings and models;

– and/or protected by trademark legislation.

The elements thus protected are the exclusive property of Icam, site de Strasbourg-Europe or of third parties having authorised Icam, site de Strasbourg-Europe to use them.

As such, any reproduction, representation, use, adaptation, modification, incorporation, translation, commercialisation, whether in part or in full, by any process and on any medium whatsoever (paper, digital, etc.) is prohibited without the prior written authorisation of Icam, site de Strasbourg-Europe, apart from the exceptions set out in Article L 122.5 of the Intellectual Property Code, on pain of constituting an infringement of copyright and/or drawings and models and/or trademarks, punishable by two years’ imprisonment and a fine of €150,000.

Information regarding the products
The information and illustrations shown on the pages of this website are based on the technical characteristics in force at the time the various pages of the website were put online or updated.

As part of a policy of constant improvement of its products and services, Icam, site de Strasbourg-Europe may modify the characteristics of its offer at any time. The products and/or services presented on this website are those distributed in mainland France. They may vary from one country to another, or not be available in all countries.

In any case, the information contained on this website is of a general nature, and has no contractual value.


2. General conditions of use of the website and the services on offer


Using the website implies full and complete acceptance of the general conditions of use described below. These conditions of use may be modified or supplemented at any time, without prior notice, so users of the website are invited to consult them on a regular basis.
The website is in principle accessible to users 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, except in the event of interruption, whether programmed or not, for maintenance purposes or in the event of force majeure. If access to the service is not possible, Icam, site de Strasbourg-Europe undertakes to do its utmost to restore access to the service, and will endeavour to inform users in advance of the dates and times of the intervention. As Icam, site de Strasbourg-Europe is only subject to an obligation of means, it cannot be held responsible for any damage of whatever nature, resulting from the unavailability of the service.
The website is regularly updated by the owner of the website. In the same way, the legal notices may be modified at any time, without prior notice. The user is deemed to have accepted them unreservedly, and to refer to them regularly to take note of any changes.



3. Description of the services provided


The owner of the website endeavours to provide information that is as accurate as possible. However, it cannot be held responsible for omissions, inaccuracies and shortcomings in updating, whether these are its fault or the fault of third-party partners who provide this information.
All the information provided on the website is given for information purposes only, is not exhaustive and is likely to change. It is given subject to modifications having been made since it was put on line.



4. Limits of liability


The website cannot be held responsible for typographical mistakes, inaccuracies or any damage suffered as a result of its use. The user remains responsible for his/her equipment and its use, and s/he alone shall bear the direct or indirect costs linked to his/her connection to the Internet.
The user of the website undertakes to access it using recent, virus-free equipment, and with an updated, last generation browser.
The user shall not hold Icam, site de Strasbourg-Europe liable for any damage that s/he may suffer or cause to be suffered, whether directly or indirectly, as a result of the services offered. The user is solely responsible for the use of the service provided, and expressly releases the website from any liability to third parties.
Contact spaces are available to users.
The website reserves the right to delete, without prior notice, any content posted in this area that contravenes the legislation applicable in France, in particular the provisions relating to data protection. Where applicable, the owner of the website also reserves the right to hold the user civilly and/or criminally liable, particularly in the event of messages of a racist, insulting, defamatory or pornographic nature, whatever the medium used (text, photographs, etc.).
It is hereby reminded that the owner of the website keeps track of the user’s e-mail address and IP address under the conditions described in the privacy policy. Consequently, the user must be aware that in the event of an injunction from the judicial authorities s/he may be located and prosecuted.



5. Intellectual property and counterfeiting


The owner of the website is the owner of the intellectual property rights, or holds the rights of use on all the elements accessible on the website, in particular the texts, images, graphics, logos, icons, sounds, software.
Any reproduction, representation, modification, publication, or total or partial adaptation of the elements of the website, whatever the means or process used, is prohibited, except with the prior written consent of the website owner.
Any unauthorised use of the website or of any of the elements it contains will be considered as an infringement, and will be prosecuted in accordance with the provisions of articles L.335-2 et seq of the French Code of Intellectual Property.



6. Hyperlinks and cookies


The website contains a number of hyperlinks to other websites (partners, information, etc.). However, the owner of the website does not have the possibility of checking the content of the websites visited, and therefore declines all responsibility for the possible risks of illicit content.


Cookie management


Internet Explorer

  1. To open Internet Explorer, click on the “Start” button. Type “Internet Explorer” in the search box, then click on “Internet Explorer” in the list of results.
  2. Click on the “Tools” button, then on “Internet Options”.
  3. Click on the “Privacy” tab, then under “Settings”, move the slider up to block all cookies, or down to allow all cookies, then click on “OK”.
    Blocking cookies may prevent some web pages from displaying properly.


Google Chrome

  1. Click on the “Chrome” menu icon.
  2. Select “Settings”.
  3. At the bottom of the page, click on “Show advanced settings”.
  4. In the “Privacy” section, click on “Content Settings”.
  5. To enable cookies, select “Allow local data storage” (recommended).
    To disable cookies, select “Restrict all websites from storing data”.
  6. Click on “OK” to save.


Mozilla Firefox

  1. Click on the “Menu” button and select “Options”
  2. Select the “Privacy” panel.
  3. In the “History” tab, “Retention Rules” option, select “Use custom settings for history”.
  4. Check the “Accept cookies” box to enable cookies, or uncheck it to disable them.
    If you have problems with cookies, make sure that the “Accept third-party cookies” option is not set to “Never”.
  5. Choosing how long cookies can be kept:
    Keep them until: “Expiry”: Each cookie will be deleted on its expiry date, which is set by the cookie issuing site.
    Keep them until: “Closing Firefox”: Cookies stored on your computer will be deleted when you close Firefox.
    Keep them until: “Ask me every time”: a warning is displayed every time a website wants to send a cookie, asking you if you agree to save the cookie or not.
  6. Click on “OK” to close the “Options” window


Apple Safari

  1. On iOS 8, to define the settings for blocking cookies, click “Settings” > “Safari” > “Block Cookies”, and choose one of the options: “Always Allow”, “Allow only visited websites”, “Allow only currently open websites”, “Always Block”.
  2. On iOS 7 or earlier versions, you can choose from the following options: “Never”, “From third parties and advertisers”, and “Always”.



 7. Applicable law and jurisdiction


Any dispute relating to the use of the website is subject to French law. The user and agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the French courts in the event of a dispute.




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