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Lean Manufacturing
Green Belt


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(Certificate of completion of training issued by ICAM Pro)



At a glance

  • Duration

    10 days / 70 hours.

  • Profile / admission level

    Assistants, supervisors, middle managers, foremen/women, team leaders or technicians in production, maintenance, methods, quality or supply chain.

    Baccalaureate level and/or one year’s experience in the sector of activity.

  • Diploma / leaving level

    Certificate of completion of training issued by ICAM Pro.

  • Admission requirements

    You must register for a session and sign an agreement with Icam, site de Strasbourg-Europe’s customer service.

  • Cost of training

    €6,250 per person.

  • Sequence

    2 days a month distributed over 5 months, live on site.

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Take the Lean Manufacturing Specialist course

Lean Manufacturing Specialists support the deployment of continuous improvement in a corporate environment. They implement methods and tools to ensure progress in their workshops. They support and advise employees in the implementation of operational excellence. The Green Belt Lean Manufacturing course enables you to assume the following:


  • Manage Lean projects
  • Conduct team meetings
  • Support employees in the use of the Lean process


Next session begins : 17th February 2022

Closing date for registration : 4th February 2022



satisfied customers


professionals trained since 2012


pass rate for certification

Key figures

2,000 professionals trained since 2012

96% satisfied customers*

87% pass rate for certification**

* Out of a panel of 439 surveys conducted over 2020-2021 / **Out of a panel of 45 Black Belt trainees enrolled in the CQPM Lean Process Coordinator course since 2016


124 Lean trainees in 2020-2021

0% average drop-out rate*

95% response rate to surveys**

*Out of a panel of 124 trainees over 2020-2021 / **Out of a panel of 439 surveys answered out of 469 surveys sent out over 2020-2021


3 platforms

500m2 devoted to Lean training

10 Lean experts


The training objectives of this course are manifold:


  • Supporting a Lean Manufacturing approach in a corporate environment
  • Implementing Lean Manufacturing methods and tools
  • Passing on Lean Manufacturing-related knowledge, know-how and interpersonal skills

Detailed programme

Lean Fundamentals (2 days)

Understanding the cultural and technical challenges of the Lean process (2 days)

  • Origin of Lean
  • Lean principles
  • House of Lean
  • VA and NVA
  • 3M: Mura, Muri, Muda


Manufacturing Specialisation (8 days)

Improving flows in a production workshop (4 days)

  • Workstation ergonomics
  • 5S
  • Building a production line
  • Supplying a production line
  • Kanban
  • Takt time
  • Pitch tracking


Optimising automated processes (4 days)

  • Lean Engineering
  • Karakuri and frugal solutions
  • Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)
  • Machine performance measurement (SRR, MTTR, MTBF…)
  • Rapid tool change (SMED)
  • Production leveling (Heijunka)

Educational tools

  • A school-company: a comprehensive professional environment covering 500 m² (production, logistics, maintenance, quality, customer service, etc.) to recreate realistic professional situations and experiment with Lean concepts through concrete cases.
  • Expert speakers: professionals (site directors, Lean managers, HR managers, etc.) sharing their knowledge and experience of Lean.
  • Dematerialised content: all courses and working documents are available to trainees on line.


This training course is mainly aimed at assistants, supervisors, middle managers, foremen/women, team Leaders or technicians in production, maintenance, methods, quality or supply chain.


Baccalaureate level and/or one year’s experience in the sector of activity or department corresponding to the specialisation covered during the training course (Management, Manufacturing, etc.) is required.


Cost and financing


The cost of this training course is €6,250 per person.



Whatever your professional training project, our team of advisors will help you define it, and assist you in preparing your application and financing the course. Whether you are a company or a private individual with a personal project, we will help you study your different options.

You can also take stock of your situation and your projects thanks to the Professional Advancement Consultancy service (CEP). This free and personalised support system is available to anyone wishing to take stock of their professional situation and projects. It allows you to establish a professional advancement project (change of career, resumption or creation of an activity). The CEP is available to job seekers, private sector employees, self-employed workers, artisans, liberal professions, self-employed entrepreneurs, etc.


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