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Created with companies and for companies, Icam, site de Strasbourg-Europe’s courses are closely linked to the expectations of the field. The permanent application of knowledge (through projects, practical work, supervised work and internships) and the involvement of professionals throughout the course enable our students to be rapidly operational, both in France and abroad.

New course

Engineers specialised through apprenticeships

Icam, site de Strasbourg-Europe is launching a specialised engineering course in “Industrial Digital Systems” through an apprenticeship, in partnership with the CFA – Alsace Apprentice Centre, and authorised by the French engineering accreditation institution (CTI).


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Icam, site de Strasbourg-Europe helps you define your recruitment project (internship, professionalisation contract, employment of a young graduate) and facilitates contacts with our students and Alumni.


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Numerous benefits

Why recruit an apprentice, an intern or a person under a professionalisation contract?

  • Develop your employer brand with our students.
  • Start a fruitful collaboration before making the recruitment permanent.
  • Benefit from the skills of an engineering student, and his/her fresh and innovative outlook.
  • Develop your recruitment strategy with our consultants: analyse your needs, choose the best profile, and identify possible financing solutions.
  • Participate in the training of an engineering student to meet the specific needs of your company.


The apprenticeship contractallows the company to train an apprentice engineer over a period of 3 years. The progressive pace alternates between in-company training and teaching at Icam, site de Strasbourg-Europe, with 100% in-company work during the final semester. At the end of this contract, the student obtains an engineering degree specialising in Industrial Digital Systems, certified by the CTI. At that point, the company can decide whether or not to hire the student on a permanent basis. Both the company and the student benefit from personalised monitoring and support throughout the training period.


The professionalization contract is a one-year work-study contract for engineering students preparing the ICAM Arts & Métiers generalist degree. During their final year of training, engineering students alternate between learning at the school and professional experience with a company. They validate the ICAM Arts & Métiers diploma, certified by the CTI, and together with the company, they choose to make the employment permanent. Both the company and the student benefit from personalised monitoring and support throughout the training period.


students on the Icam, site de Strasbourg-Europe campus


graduates / alumni in France and abroad in the ICAM Lasalle network


of students hired during their end-of-study internship.

Our solutions for your company


Operator internship

Introduce an engineering student to your company and your culture.

📅 Mid June to August

⏱ 6 weeks

👥 1 student from the 1st year of the engineering cycle with 3 years post-bac studies (ICAM3)

💰 No remuneration for an internship lasting less than 2 months

Internship for technicians

Benefit from the knowledge of an engineering student and entrust him/her with the management of a project.

📅 Mid May to August

⏱ 16 weeks

👥 1 second-year engineering student with 4 years post-bac studies (ICAM4)

💰 Remuneration is compulsory after two months

Engineering internship

Benefit from the skills of a junior engineer, and spot your talents prior to hiring them.

📅 Mid February to August

⏱ 21 weeks

👥 1 third-year engineering student with 5 years post-bac studies (ICAM5)

💰 Remuneration is compulsory after two months

Apprenticeship and professionalisation contracts

Apprenticeship contract

For 3 years, you will train an employee with a fresh perspective on your specific needs in the digital and industrial fields.

📅 3 years

⏱ Progressive pace. Year 1: 2 weeks in class & 2 weeks with the company - Year 2 & 3: 1 week in class & 3 weeks with the company - Year 3: 100% with the company

👥 1 engineering apprentice with 2 years post-bac studies

💰 Training is financed by the OPCO of the company welcoming the student under an apprenticeship contract. The apprentice is paid by the company throughout his/her contract.

Professionalisation contract

Train your employees in keeping with your own corporate culture prior to hiring them.

📅 1 year from September to August

⏱ The student will be physically present in the company 2 days a week from September to February, then full time until August

👥 1 final-year engineering student with 5 years post-bac studies (ICAM5)

💰 80% of the minimum wage (SMIC). Tuition fees €10,580* *Price 2020-2021


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