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Modern laboratories, technical departments and access to research conducted by teachers are available for the benefit of partner companies and students. Our team of teacher-researchers, industrial experts and student engineers will help you to experiment with your ideas, and develop innovative engineering projects.

Boost your innovations

Why should you entrust your R&D projects to Icam, site de Strasbourg-Europe?

  • Stimulate your innovation process by looking at it from a new perspective while experimenting with your ideas.
  • Define your engineering or R&D project: analyse your needs, specifications, action plan.
  • Collaborate with a high-level and multidisciplinary project team: experts, researchers, engineering students.
  • Benefit from qualified resources over a fixed period of time, and innovative concepts.
  • Contribute to the training of our engineering students and the development of our school.


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Partners to your organisation

Our solutions for your company

Research & Development project

Experiment with your ideas, initiate a project, determine its feasibility by benefiting from the skills of our engineering students and the equipment on offer at our school.

📅 October to February

⏱ With ICAM Strasbourg- Europe: 150 hours per student. With the company: 40 hours (5 days / 10 ½ days)

👥 Team of 2 or 3 students in the final year. Supervision ensured by 1 expert

💰 €1,800 incl. tax for 1 student. €2,800 incl. tax for 2 students. €1,000 incl. tax for each additional student (Price for 2020-2021)

Innovation & Development Project

If you would like to expand on your R&D Project contact us for an Innovation & Development Project.

📅 October to July

⏱ 10 days of consultancy by 1 Icam, site de Strasbourg-Europe salaried expert. 1 six-month R&D Project with 2 students. 1 six-month internship with 1 student

👥 Supervision ensured by 1 expert. R&D Project: 2 students. Internship: 1 student

💰 Price available on request

Teaching chair

Train students in the challenges and needs of your company. The teaching chair allows you to increase your visibility and develop your employer brand among our students.

📅 2-year renewable contract

⏱ Minimum of 64 hours of teaching per year

💰 Teaching time or provision of equipment

Within the framework of the laws on sponsorship, chair grants entitle the recipient to a 60% reduction in corporate tax on donations up to a limit of 5 per thousand of turnover.

Technical expertise

An in-house expert, or one of our partners such as EasyLean+, is put at your company's disposal to assist you in your transition.

📅 To be defined together

🔧 Consulting in engineering, quality systems, product quality, industrial processes, Lean Management, audits, 3D modelling and production

💰 On request

Industrial research thesis

Boost your R&D project by recruiting a PhD student for an industrial research thesis.

📅 Year-round launch, September-October for young graduates

⏱ 3 years with your company and in the laboratory

👥 1 full-time PhD student. 1 teacher-researcher supervising the project

💰 Quotation on request. Possible CIFRE grant funding. Up to 60% of costs are eligible for Research Tax Credit (CIR)

🔧 Computer science, solid-state electronics, systems and photonics, mechanics


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