Shibaura Institute
of Technology

The university

Founded in 1927, the Shibaura Institute of Technology has always placed practice and experimentation at the heart of its programmes and teaching methods. It is good at adapting to rapid developments in its environment, and provides its engineering students with courses that are suited to the needs of society and industry alike. Students live in a multicultural environment with a strong international outlook. Its campus, which combines modernity and Japanese tradition, is ideally located in Shibaura Bay, and perfectly equipped for the well-being of students.

Teaching language and language level

English – B1

Type of programme

Echange hors ERASMUS*

Why Tokyo?

Both forward-looking and traditional, lively and peaceful, Tokyo is a multi-facetted city full of contrasts, and totally unique. It is the ideal place to study and immerse yourself in Japanese culture, which has so much to offer. Tokyo is an adventure to be experienced now!

Cost of living

Accommodation: YEN 50,000 (studio apartment)

Day-to-day expenses: YEN 70,000

Total: YEN 120,000 that is €987