Lodz University
of Technology

The university

The Polytechnic University of Lodz is one of the largest and most renowned in Poland. Its mission is to train top-level operational engineers with a global outlook. Its International Faculty of Engineering, established in 1992, offers programmes in applied sciences taught in English.

Teaching language and language level

English – B2

Type of programme

Echange ERASMUS*

Why Lodz?

Lodz, famous for its cultural, intellectual and architectural heritage, is also a city with great industrial potential. As the third largest city in Poland, Lodz is popular with students and trendsetters.

Cost of living

Accommodation: PLN 350 – PLN 400 (hall of residence) or PLN 500 – PLN 700 (apartment)

Day-to-day expenses: PLN 1,000

Total: PLN 1,350 – PLN 1,700 that is €320 – €400



Hall of residence accommodation is available.