Hochschule Heilbronn

The university

Hochschule Heilbronn has put practice and research at the heart of its educational and teaching method.

It has an excellent reputation in German higher education, and works closely with its many world-renowned local industry partners. This enables it to create a sustainable and ethical learning environment, thus providing its graduates with excellent international employment opportunities.

Teaching language and language level

German - B1

Type of programme

Echange ERASMUS*

Why Heilbronn?

Heilbronn is a dynamic city in southern Germany. With concerts, exhibitions and sports, it offers a broad range of cultural activities. Its world-famous local companies and industries, such as Audi, Bosch, Mustang, etc., make it an internationally acknowledged city with strong economic appeal.

Cost of living

Accommodation: €300

Day-to-day expenses: €250

Total: €550


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