Cracow University of Technology

The university

This University of Technology is located in the heart of Cracow, Poland’s second largest city. It is particularly involved in research and cooperation on a European scale, and even dispenses the international professional qualification and title of European Engineer. The activities organised by the students make for an extremely rich extra-curricular experience.

Teaching language and language level

English - B2

Type of programme

ERASMUS exchange

Why Cracow?

Krakow is one of the largest cities in Poland. It is located not far from the Czech border, and is famous for welcoming foreign students and for its nightlife. The old town is particularly lively!

Cost of living

Accommodation: €150 in a hall of residence / €250 in private accommodation

Day-to-day expenses: €250

Total: €400 – €500


The University offers rooms in 4 halls of residence.