Student life

A rewarding student

All passions, be they sporting, artistic or cultural, are expressed and shared at Icam, site de Strasbourg-Europe. Key events take place on campus throughout the year. Friendships and memories are made every day.
Services are also available on the school’s premises to enhance your well-being throughout the year.

Do you have a question about accommodation? Do you need tutoring during your training course? Our engineering school and all its teaching teams, in association with the school’s student bodies, will support you throughout your course.

Student Office (BDE), Sports Office (BDS), ASSOCIATIONS & CLUBS

There’s something for everyone

At Icam, site de Strasbourg-Europe, cheerfulness is contagious. There are many opportunities for sharing, all of which punctuate the life of the school. A great atmosphere guaranteed!


The Student Office (BDE) manages student life, the cafeteria and the student’s hall. It is also in charge of organising the integration month at the beginning of the school year, helping you to find work partners or to settle in within your class.


The Sports Office (BDS) organises weekly sporting activities: football, basketball, volleyball, as well as zumba, yoga, rowing or e-gaming. There is something for everyone and for all levels. It also organises an annual skiing study trip.


Other clubs and associations allow students to discover or share their activities and passions, be they in the realm of art, culture or sport.


Sporting activities


clubs & associations


days of integration activities followed by a weekend outing

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