We love Strasbourg! (Strasbourg mon Amour !)

Voted the most attractive city in France, Strasbourg has many assets. Recognised for its quality of life, its economic vitality and its ideal geographical position on the French border, it is the ideal city to study and begin your career. Those of you who live in Strasbourg will already love the city! But if you’re discovering the city for the first time, you’re sure to love it too.


Tradition and modernity

An architectural gem

Strasbourg is a city with a strong cultural identity where modernity and innovation rub shoulders with ancestral traditions.


A special atmosphere pervades the city, which is full of architectural treasures just waiting to be discovered, including its famous cathedral and historic Petite France district.


With numerous parks and gardens, Strasbourg is a green city that offers its inhabitants great quality of life, in a peaceful yet stimulating environment.

European Capital

International opportunities

The European capital has much to offer students and young professionals. Strasbourg is home to many international students and the headquarters of numerous international organisations. Take full advantage of this privileged situation to give an international outlook to your course: take part in the World Forum for Democracy, attend Council of Europe or European Parliament debates, and cross the Rhine to perfect your German.


Strasbourg has the largest number of foreign companies developing alongside start-ups, SMEs and local businesses. It enjoys strong economic momentum and generates numerous career opportunities.

The French-German border

Privileged relations

Bas-Rhin is part of the Grand Est region, and Strasbourg is situated on the German border and therefore quite naturally open to the international scene, where it enjoys privileged relations with the countries beyond the Rhine.


Germany offers many jobs opportunities, especially in the field of engineering.


It will only take you a 25-minute tram journey to discover German culture and exchange with the locals to improve your German.

A cosmopolitan metropolis

Strong values

Strasbourg’s culture and entertainment scene is vibrant, and continues to grow based on its core values of sharing and living together. These values are also reflected in its world famous gastronomy.


Strasbourg is a cosmopolitan city, ideal for meeting people of all nationalities, and attending international events.


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