Let’s eat!

A balanced diet is an important factor if you want to do well in your studies and stay healthy. On campus and in the surrounding area, students have a wide choice of restaurants. There is something to suit all tastes and desires. Strasbourg is a gastronomic capital that delights the taste buds of people from all over the world.

Inside ICAM Strasbourg-Europ

La Cafét'

La Cafét’, the school cafeteria, is managed by the Student Office (BDE), and is the ideal place to share a vitamin-packed meal or take a gourmet break. Students can order pastries and other goodies, smoothies, hot drinks, pasta, sandwiches and pizzas, all at a low price.


Numerous theme-based evenings are organised there throughout the year and according to the season: barbecues in the summer, savoury flammekueches or raclette evenings in winter.


On campus

The University Restaurant

Resto U’ Cronenbourg is a 10 minutes walk from Icam, site de Strasbourg-Europe. Hot, varied and balanced dishes are served every lunchtime. It is freely accessible on presentation of your student card or by registering at the beginning of the year to obtain a rechargeable card.


There are also many restaurants on the Espace Européen de l’Entreprise campus: sandwich bars, Asian food, bagels, pizzerias, brasserie-inspired or gastronomic restaurants, there’s something for everyone.


A gastronomic capital

Strasbourg’s culinary diversity makes it a gastronomic capital. It has many specialities such as flammekueche, sauerkraut, baeckeofe, and other traditional dishes, as well as Munster cheese, beer and fine Alsatian wines. You can sample them all in a winstub (a cafe, restaurant or bar in Alsace that specialises in wine), restaurant, bar or wine producers’ cellars.

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