Leisure activities &

It’s a hive of activity!

Day and night, winter and summer, the city of Strasbourg and its surroundings come alive and offer a wide range of activities. The cultural scene is wide-ranging, innovative and international, and leisure activities are varied. Exhibitions, festivals, adventures, there’s something for everyone!

Museums and exhibitions

Alsace is full of famous museums and exhibitions such as the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Strasbourg, the Ecomuseum, the Unterlinden Museum in Colmar, the Automobile Museum in Mulhouse, or the Urban and Street Art Museum in Neuf-Brisach.


Exhibitions flourish throughout the year to introduce local and international artists such as the ST-ART exhibition.


Museums in Alsace


Films, books and coworking sites

The city’s five cinemas offer a wealth of international films for the enjoyment of movie enthusiasts. The European Fantastic Film Festival is held in Strasbourg every year.


Feel free to use the libraries tucked away in the four corners of the city, the André Malraux Media Library, the largest public media library in the East of France, and the innovative coworking spaces to study, revise or dive into a good book, here in the city where printing began.

Media libraries in Strasbourg



For nature lovers, the Vosges and the Black Forest in Germany are exceptional adventure areas for a whole host of activities such as winter sports, hiking, climbing, cycling, etc. All can be reached quickly by train or car.


Strasbourg is a green city with magnificent parks and gardens such as the Orangerie, the Citadelle and the Jardin des Deux Rives.


Parks and gardens


Music and festivals

Located in the magnificent city centre, Strasbourg’s National Theatre (TNS) and Opera House (ON du Rhin) offer a diverse programme every week, as do other emblematic theatres and concert halls such as La Laiterie and Le Maillon.


A number of music festivals are also held here, such as Wolfijazz, Décibulles, Ososphère, Pelpass, Contre-Temps, and Pelouses Sonores, etc.


The cultural programme

Thrills galore

Adventurers in search of excitement can take a parachute jump or a first flight from Strasbourg Aerodrome.


Thrills are guaranteed at Europa Park Resort, which has been voted the best theme park in the world, and is located just a few kilometres away. A shuttle bus links the park to Strasbourg city centre.


Europa Park Resort


Not to be missed

Strasbourg’s world-famous Christmas Market is an unmissable and magical event. Mulled wine, savoury Flammenkuechen, and other local specialities can be sampled in front of the small chalets set up throughout the city for the occasion.


Annual events and festivals punctuate the life of the region. There’s the Wine Festivals, the European Fair, the NL Contest, etc.




Culture cards and passes

Several subscriptions and cards are available to allow students to benefit from this cultural offer at a reasonable price:

Jeun’Est : application and card to benefit from advantages in culture, sport or tourism as well as good deals

Pass-culture : application to access a credit of €300 to be spent on cultural products and services over a period of 24 months (restricted to 18 year olds)

Carte culture : a scheme offering students preferential rates with more than 80 cultural partners in Alsace, and a specific programme dedicated to students

Carte Pass’rell : a card that allows you to borrow from all the libraries and media libraries that are part of the Pass’relle network

Carte Atout Voir : a card to take advantage of attractive prices and good deals for cultural outings in the Strasbourg Eurometropole (restricted to 11-25 year olds)