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The Icam, site de Strasbourg-Europe team assists foreign students in their mobility. Obtaining a visa, health insurance, opening a bank account… Students are assisted and guided through the various administrative and logistical procedures.



Applying for a visa


Choosing your health insurance


Opening a bank account


European nationals

Students with a European passport can remain in France for the duration of their stay without needing a visa. List of countries concerned


Third-country nationals with a European visa

Students from a non-European country holding a valid student visa from any European country are allowed to remain in France for the duration of their studies.

( Directive UE 2004/114 / CE )


Third-country nationals without a visa

Non-European students without a visa must obtain a visa from France-Visas. For studies lasting more than 3 months, a long-stay visa (VLS-TS for students) is required. More information on the countries subject to this visa is available on the Campus France website. You can check your eligibility for the visa on France-Visas. On arrival in France, you must validate your long-stay visa equivalent to a residence permit. This is done online on the website of the Ministry of the Interior.

Applying for your visa



European Health Card

If you are a citizen of a European country, it is possible to obtain a European Health Card in your country of origin. It gives you access to the French health system, and allows you to apply for the reimbursement of medical expenses later on. This system is subject to the reimbursement conditions stipulated by the country of origin.

Check with your health insurance provider to obtain the necessary information. Under certain conditions, you may be eligible for a French health card. In this case, the health system in Alsace covers 90% of your expenses. This means you must pay the remaining 10%. We recommend that you take out a complementary private health insurance policy to cover the remaining 10%. Prices vary from €10 to €30 / month.


Third-country nationals without a European health card

For non-European nationals, a French health card called Carte Vitale is issued on arrival in France after your visa application (see above).


Health insurance

Prior to coming to France to study, you must apply for affiliation to the French social security system by registering on the dedicated Health Insurance website You must register on this site to ensure that your health expenses are covered during your studies.




Bank account

If you plan to stay in France for more than 3 months, we strongly recommend that you open a bank account. Most forms of payments in France require a credit/debit card (carte bleue). As a student, you may be entitled to specific offers.